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Pink Fighting

Avon 39, running against breast cancer

Breast cancer fighting often led to original communication campaigns. It is a quite mediatized issue, also thanks to the impressive amount of show-business stars involved in the cause. When I think about breast cancer fighting, I don’t think about death, tears and dark. I think about pink and punchy movements.

Sometimes, it can even seem a bit inappropriate. I remember this movement, one year ago, which was walled “Free the Nipple”. Lots of different stars posted on Instagram a topless picture of themselves, in order to raise awareness about breast cancer. Whether or not it is a good way to do so, it is questionable.

Anyway, I want to talk to you about a more consensual communication event: the AVON 39 American race. It takes place in 7 of the biggest American cities: Houston, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and New York. Even if you are not living in the US, I strongly encourage you to have a look on their webpage. The design is great (I think I found a good source of inspiration for my own layout!), the pictures are cool, and OBVIOUSLY it’s pink.

Then, the principle is quite simple. Avon 39, because you have to walk (or run if you're a ranger) 39 miles in two days. For my European readers, 39 miles = 62 kilometers. It is more than two half-marathons coming after one after another. Surpassing yourself to surpass one of the most murderous disease in the world.

It is a real virtuous circle of involvement. Fighting against breast cancer is a good motivation to fight against yourself, and it will have positive impacts both on your personal being and on social equity. AVON 39 is a really interesting race because it totally grabbed this double dimension, and offers many ways to help you challenge yourself, but always reminding you that you are part of this generous runners’ community of “39ers”. Subscribers get an Internet account, and they can access forums, different apps such as pedometers, or even find a “running buddy” or a “walker coach”.

In the perspective of this blog, it is interesting to note that Reebok is the sponsor of this event. Reebook fitness experts create training programs, and provide some goodies during the race. But mostly they give considerable financial support to this event, because lots of dollars are needed to organize such a race.

Since the creation of this event in 2003, 207 000 “39ers” rose to the challenge. They went through almost 7 million miles = 11 million kilometers. And more important, 550 000 000 $ were raised to fight breast cancer.  

More widely, running for good causes is a new important tendency today, all over the world. It brings together personal challenge, individual involvement, and social effervescence. I think that is why it is so powerful. Physic and moral surpassing + human contact, it is the perfect combination for one-self well-being.

So be proud of yourself, feel strong and kind, go buy snickers, and run away!

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