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Loving Food

Let the wasting fight start!

7 million tonnes of food and drink are thrown away every year.

At least half of it could have been eaten/drunk.

805 million people suffer from hunger in the world, which means 1 person on 9 does not have enough to eat.

Starvation is a world issue. It kills more than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis reunited.

I don’t want to rank killing causes. It does not mean that malaria is a less serious problem than famine. But there is a huge difference: humans did not create AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis. They created starvation. We are all responsible.

Fighting against wasting is the most basic thing we should do. It is simple, it is good for the environment, it allows a better distribution of resources, and it is also good for our own wallets.

It is costing us 12,5bn dollars every year.

These last few years, some non-profit associations tried to raise public awareness about this issue. They give tips to people to help them avoiding wasting. Because if consumers are partly responsible, when they cook huge portions or buy food they won’t use, food companies and public policies are also encouraging wasting.

Indeed, it is mandatory to write on product labels an use-by date. It is supposed to tell the consumer until when the product is still healthy. But for marketing reasons, this date is often under-estimated: then, people will consume earlier, and buy the product more often. It is particularly true concerning dairy products. I am personally a real fan of yogurt, and I can tell you that it stays good at least 10 days after its supposed expiry date. Dare trying before you throw! In the worst case it will taste a bit bitter and you won’t eat it, but it can NEVER be unhealthy.

The UK campaign “Love Food Hate Waste” is one of the more significant in this wasting fight. I really encourage you to have a look on their website. It will provide you a lot of practical advices about how to reduce your food consumption. Helping the planet, saving time, saving money… Whatever your motivation is, get involved!

If you love cooking (like I do), this website will also present you a lot of delicious recipes! You can chose between a lot of not-wasting food categories, such as Left-over recipes, Great for Freezing, Timesavers, Vegan, Healthy… So try and enjoy the Creamy Vegetable Crumble, the Luscious Leftover Smoothie, or Curried rice salad!

Here is the link for “Love Food Hate Waste”

Since I’m French, I also wanted to talk about this interesting campaign made by the French retailer Intermarché. In the late 2014, they released different spots showing what they called “the ugly vegetables”. They added a voice-over, which is supporting the ugly carrot or apple.

For non-French speakers, here is what is said in the ad.

 “What does truly define you? Is it your taste, your nutriment content? You’ve got it all! The other vegetables do not have anything more that you do! You can be whatever you want! Juice, soup, purée! You just need to really WANT it! Who said you could not be sold in supermarkets? Who? You have to trust yourself! Because if you don’t, no one will do it for you! When you will be in the supermarket, I want you to stand up, to be proud, because there is nothing wrong in being UGLY!”

So think twice before making your meals, do not trust too much the use-by dates (get information about you can/can’t do), and do not discriminate ugly vegetables !

Bon Appétit ! 

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