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Okay, I have to confess. Three weeks ago, I went to a concert with my sister. Okay, it was Katy Perry’s concert. Yes, my sister is 17 years-old, and I was already expecting her to be the dino of the crowd. But I have to admit, I love Katy, I love her songs, I love her blue hair, I love her pink hair. Whenever I’m sad, she is always there to cheer me up. She always have time for me, and I was pretty excited to meet her.

The concert was amazing, she was great, a real show-girl (and surprisingly, it was less about crazy teenager girls than tense mid-age couples).

But that is not the point. Now that I am writing this blog, it never really stays away from me. And while we were waiting for the big star to show up, I looked around me, in this huge crowed. I realized that if any of us had given 1$ out of the 50 (or more) we spent in our golden tickets, we could have raised… (wait, I have to remember the skillful operation my sister and me started... Is the hall bigger or smaller than a soccer stadium?) I think we could have raised at least 20 000$.

When I went home after the crazy night, I went to look up on the Internet if someone already had this idea. I would like to tell you that no one did, and that I started my own non-profit business. But obviously, someone did. Though, many different websites were created with this purpose. However, as always, it is more an American trend, and I did not find any European or at least French website.

I read that one of the most famous one was called tickets-for-charity, but I cannot access the website. I only noticed their FB, Twitter and Pinterest page, but I think they have a processor problem, or maybe they just stopped a few months ago. Actually, the FB page says that they were partners with Katy Perry on her last tour, but I did not find more accurate info.

However, I will tell you about another organization, who got interested in the event/charity problematic in a quite original way. It is not about reversing a percentage of the ticket to an association, but about direct sharing.

It is called Tix4cause (quite a nice name!) The principle is quite simple: if someone buys an event ticket, and realizes he finally won’t be able to attend it, instead of starting an auction on e-bay, he gives it to the association. Then, the ticket is commercialized on the website, and consumers can buy the ticket. “Up to 100%” goes to the cause of their choice (there is no information about what happens to the “less of 100%” though).

They explain I their “about” section that, Kevin Nemetz, the founder, had this great idea when he was seated at a Chicago White Sox baseball game. He was alone in his seat range, and realized than if 35 of the ticket holders had donated their unused ticket, they would have raised at least 14 000$. He observed in the 2008, and created Tix4cause two years later.

Today, you can purchase sport, concert, theatre or dining tickets. You can also participate in some charity events. And the cool thing is you can chose directly who you want to benefit from your gesture. You can choose between more than 20 different causes (medical research, feeding, fair access to education, sports’ integration…).

The main events are based in Chicago, and many associations are local organizations with direct interventions and missions. I think this is a great way to raise people awareness, and a perfect example of win-win situation.

So let Tix4cause be the first place you go before you go out!

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